Note:  Limited New stock available now!

We now have:

The latest version of this head that now has CNC machined ports which have been flow tested.

Australian Made

Only one Fullauto Cylinder 750 Head left

Note: More of these heads will be out of production while the business is under offer by a new owner. 

for Norton Commando's   (Bare) as seen in pictures below. 

        AUD $3390.00

750cc Heads also available

Norton Cylinder Head Issues:

We all know with some original cylinder heads  there were problems with porosity, to porous castings which can lead to oil leaks and poor balance between cylinders.  Stripped exhaust port threads another, broken fins, or disfigurement from misguided modifications over the last 40+ years of rebuilds.

Fullauto technologies re-engineered cylinder heads for Norton Commandos

Made from virgin 601-T6 Aluminum. 

These are not a copy of the original, these are a significant improvement.

Whilst these heads were not designed to be a performance part they are a vast improvement to the original, with looks that are very close to all but a purist.

D-shaped exhaust ports and long raduis inlets improves gas flow.

  • All machining is via CNC
    Harrop Engineering Australia.

  • Phosphorous Bronze valve guides  hardened ductile iron valve seats

  • Heads are heat treated to T6 at Harrop Casting Technologies.

  • Designed to use all standard Norton components such as shafts, covers, head gasket, valve springs, oil connection and head steady.

They are not made to a price, they are made to significantly improve the already well designed Commando head which now would be 40+years old.

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Build Norton engines for classic road and race bikes.

Performance Engine Building is our specialty!

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Rockers Lightened and polished service available 

site still under construction

One of our finnished engine rebuilds.

750cc Combat engine.

PW3 Camshaft

C.N.W. breather mod

Lighten and balance Crankshaft

Polished Con Rods

Lightened and polished rockers

Ports and intakes opened to take Dual Keihin flat slide carburetor  35mm

Black Diamond valves

High Performance Valve Spings with light weight retainers

Light weight rocker adjusters and dural nuts

Stainless Steel bolts studs and nuts through out

Custom built to owners requests with attention to detail